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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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will suit up for tonight's's game. the president visiting today.a where they are making stops. intentionally putting -- one brewery is inentionally putting hair beer. >> and good morning, washington. tolet's get right over jeras. >> the stars are moving really quickly, but they are putting downpours.avy as one-half inch of hour.n the past talking about maryland i-70.rth of the thunderstorms trying to
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into the beltway around baltimore. they are not severe. it will hold off half of an hour. temperatures of very warm. 67 after reagan national. 67 in winchester. get into the 80's and a wi -- bookend with thunderstorms. >> and good morning. with a closure of our main routes. people traveling through silver on university boulevard dennis avenue. we are shut down in both directions. wires anti dead utility poles down. -- wires and utility poles are down. virginia he should
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trouble crossing bridge and wilson going through springfield an and dale.d >> thank you. did you hear the collective sigh relief? that was after the nfl have reached a with referees union to end lockout that started at an turgeon. happy aboutpeople this. -- that started in june. askingwere one of those e refs to come back. >> for months they have been over $3.3 million a year in pension money. it is amazing what a blown call days ago can do. >> better late than never, regular officials will return to
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work tonight after a lengthy walkout. is comical to me. >> it was this play that a wave of outrage. as part of a new eight year deal, they will see an increase $7,000 a season and benefits will be provided for new hires. the league will have the power to replace officials that are underperforming. goodelltement roger -id 4% referees will have a season moving forward. an average salary of $173,000 a year. back tonight in baltimore. >> thank you so much. this has been a rough week for
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raven star smith. >> it comes two days before the his younger brother killed in a motorcycle accident saturday night. the next day he played against patriots where he made six catches and two touchdowns. and the of flowers, donations jones made to the kevin scholarship fund at. we are getting breaking news you. horrible story coming out of germany. a woman is arrested for the several babies. >> a sad story coming out of germany. woman has been arrested and with killing five newborn babies. confessed to killing two in march 2006ack
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and 2007. also suspected in the other newbornee babies whose bodies were found area.t l of this happening in the city.rn is 28-years old. police are not releasing her identity because of privacy laws. with five counts of manslaughter. we are getting more information on this. german woman arrested with killing five of newborn babies. at least two children were her own. to get moreng e story and on th on and one yours line. on air and .> 3 people in custody police arrested 21-year-old branch, michael moore, and
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juvenile male. a crime spree shortly after the attack helped them make the arrest. >> after the assault took place around 3:00 in the morning, was an armed robbery of three victims with three in the 1800 block of 18th street. >> turning to the race for the where the candidates on of voters in virginia. mitt romney and president obama will appear in the common wealth today one day after they appeared in ohio.
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president obama will campaign in virginia beach this morning. a lead over mitt romney in the virginia and ohio. look for more on good morning america. >> there has been a decision on pepco's request for a rate increase. have approve 58% of the increase the utility wanted. the typical residential customer abouthave had to pay month.ore each instead customers will pay $2.60 more. the increase is set to take effect next month. pepco workers are possibly going on strike now. the union has overwhelmingly rejected what the company called the main sticking point to the plans.and welfare disappointed by the vote. there are making arrangements to continue negotiating with the union. 5:07 is the time.
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>> washington it is 5:10. have been tracking some
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acrossstorms moving northern maryland. they're moving very quickly off longe east and skirting a the no. baltimore beltway in f the area.o temperatures are pretty warm at the hour. 67 african national. 65 at dulles. we will warm up into the 80's time today. -- 67 at reagan national. a chance of rain through friday. we think rain will return on with cooler temperatures to and the weekend. >> it is a nice drive for people on i-g through virginia 95. have northbound lanes open the posted speed. where we have trouble though is maryland in the silver spring area. university boulevard a crash things.licated
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we are shut down in both dennis avenue. we have not only wires but two utility poles down. you are going to see a lot of trafficked on a code field road this morning. expect delays in the area all morning. >> thank you very much. it is 5:12 and 65 degrees. >> a new study on the cost of it is 5:12 and 65 degrees. >> a new study on the cost of cell pokay, what'ya havin?
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>> taking a look at entertainment news. is mourning the williams.dy 1 will hear that song about novemberime and january. at his home in branson, missouri. he was 84 years old. a series of major hits emmys for the andy
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>> the six-year old girl known as mrs. bieber has lost her battle with brain cancer. she met her favorite singer a facebook campaign by her friend. bieber took to twitter to mourn her death. opening up about why he andkate perry divorced. he said they were not compatible and had little in common. of "gray'srn "scandal" tonight. >> we will hear from the woman inspired scandal. alison starling it's a sneaky on the show.head >> it would just get crazier and
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the oppressive go on. 10:00ch "scandal" at abc news at 11:00. >> we are giving away gift filled with $200 worth prizes. you have until 6:00 a.m. to go to the facebook page and sign up. we will announce a winner today and tomorrow. >> the cable network says bonkers for boo boo. >> the program follows a young beauty contest and and her family at entered geora. month theyebut last averaged 2.3 million viewers. one night more viewers tune in boo boo then the
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republican national convention. interesting s happeningon what i in this country. who live up in carroll over in baltimore up a littleking rumbles ofthe thunder. that will continue to push east quickly. most of today will be dry again what we sawke ofterday with a chance innderstorms returning late the day. some cloud cover. high.atures are at reagan national. we will continue to see a steady of moisture overhead. this has all been skirting up north. the call from up there. that will finally start to make
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forward progress today. back, i think the atmosphere will be a little bit unstable. that will help trigger some more today.storms late teacher cast showing us we will on and off this pattern today and friday. we have taken ran out of the forecast for saturday. a few showers again late today. 79-84 degrees. mostly cloudy and thunderstorms possible. at these seven-day forecast. temperatures will be dropping down to feel more like fall of next week. i would like to connect with you on social media. tweeting this morning. i would love to hear from you or facebook.
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i posted some pictures. you might have some fun making of me while you look at them. on a traffic. >> most of our major thoroughfares heading into the beltway from virgini 95 and 66 looking good. moving well this morning. our big trouble spot is in silver spring. still following an that happened just before 4:00. utility poles, two of them down as wires. university boulevard close to on the stretch between avenue and u.s. plan for an alternate route if you travel in that region. you, angela. learning which countries least internetnd freedom. of cell phone
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bigger bite out of your household budget. >> a new look at which countries internet greatest freedom. comes number two behind estonia. iran has the most censorship. cell phones are taking a bigger bite out of budgets. phone services jumped 4% last year, even as people cut back spending. the average household spends than $1,200 a year on phone services. help could be on the way for all users grumbling about maps. google is working on an app. justin timberlake -- justin timberlake --
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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>> never before has there been such a good will toward the nfl regular refs. >> they will make their return tonight in baltimore. more on what has led up to the agreement between nfl and the rafts.
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up live in a few minutes. and the refs. last night present , and thehiladelphia have lost seven of 11. jump on theoking to early.s bryce harper did just that. two-run shot to left center. the nationals when 8-4 reducing the magic number to clinch the division to 4. just to demonstrate how good he really is, last night he struck four marlins and the same inning. braves win at 3-0 backemained four games
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from the nationals and just will away. >> the orioles tied a franchise oford and a 12-2 drubbing toronto. the yankees won again. the time is 5:27 and 65 degrees. one green bay the time is 5:27 and 65 degrees. one [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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is unionnd the referee reached a deal hours ago. it is thursday, september 27. i am cynne simpson. >> i am brad bell. >> everything is pretty much along i-95 into the east near baltimore. the d.c. metro area. of sprinkles in western maryland and that is it. return late today or tonight. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are mild. 67 at reagan national. today it will be a lot like what yesterday with a mix of sunshine and clouds. temperatures warm again back the 80's. what about the weekend? we will let you know with the day in a little bit. on the right now we have not
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any traffic issues in virginia so far. a new accident reported on at 95 just before the maryland 100. still following the accident in silver spring. both directions of university are shut down. we have gotten confirmation that the eastbound lanes have reopened. westbound is closed between dennis avenue and 29. we are starting to see a few drive lights making your the i-270. >> thank you. 5:32 is the time. our top story, a level of excitement we have not seen in football and a while. the referee union reached a deal to end the lockout.
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what that means the controversial replacement refs and the real refs are in for the baltimore ravens and the browns game. not know if it is me, are extra birds chirping, there are people around. in the horizon. even though the new deal would until the weekend, told theyn tonight.n to work it was that play on monday night football that triggered a wave outrage when seattle was the game after it appeared green bay had one. they will see an increase in pay several thousand a season and retirement benefits will be new hires.r the flip side, the league new have the power to hire
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the ones replacing underperforming. this was all over $3.3 million a money. pension the commissioner of the lead -- released a statement he looks forward to having the best referees on the field and he also thanked the fans for their passion. an average salary of $173,000 a season. return tonight in baltimore. >> do not be too happy. there are just refs. a small wisconsin t-shirt company is about to make a big -- calle t-shirts say "worst ever." they sell for $12.70. scoreay that was the
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the game. it is getting national attention. >> california, new york, different- a lot of states. e theey say they can mak shirts and about an hour or so. it may take them a while to fulfill all the orders they are about to get. are working hard. packers defensive linemen lang expressed outrage over the against the seahawks. he posted on twitter put the history books. after the game he used a tweet that said the nfl could find him and pay by wednesday afternoon. broke the twitter record when surpassed the 98,000 retweets. the nfl said they will not levy any type of punishment against
5:36 am
him. >> 5:35 right now, turning to politics. virginia is the focus of the presidential campaign. president obama and mitt romney both making stops in the commonwealth today. comes with new ads released today. mitt romney is speaking directly saying that he the concerns of average americans. rallyl appear later at a american legion post 176 in of springfield. president obama campaign in beach this morning. he released an ad aimed at younger voters. it is airing in several states including ohio, iowa, and florida. the condition can be triggered
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t butter, beestings, and other allergens. immediate medical treatment. device will be available in all st. mary's public schools by month. of the -- we are about to learn more about what learning on mars. >> they are investigating conditions could be favorable for life. 5:a 37 is the time and is 65 degrees. -- 5:37 and 65 degrees. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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>> we have lots of great pets adoption.for just dogs, but cats, rabbits, and hamsters. out our website. >> good morning. i am jacqui jeras. we have some thunder this morning. it is moving out quickly. everything east of i-95 over maryland shore. things are looking better for now.
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our temperature is are warm this morning, 67 degrees. thundershowers possible late today. e high-temperature 79-84 degrees. let's check on traffic. >> good morning, everyone. i-95 in maryland southbound, a just as you approach route on the left side. and virginia as you make your to 395 on i-95 looking good. seeing a delay for traveling through the narbor area betwee quantico.lle and eastbounding progress university boulevard is open at dennis ave. westbound, traffic is squeezing left.the have a utility poles down.
5:42 am
getting the traffic lights working -- traffic lights are working in correctly. concerned the intersection is dark. will keep you posted. >> madonna is clarifying her to president obama as muslim during a concert at the verizon center. the statement showing her support for president obama tries to win a second term. says she was mocking wing factions to believe a follower ofis islam and he is a good man no he prays to. says she was being ironic. it is 5:42 and 65 degrees. the's a 10-mile stretch of busiest highway is shut down.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communinits stronger.
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>> coming up at 6:00, why not ignore gut when treating patience. latest round of polls that puts president obama ahead, we will explain at 6:00. >> is your spouse lying to you about purchases and stashing away cash? it can add up to debt and a divorce. katie talks to the radio host reachesothing voice eachthan a million the week. tonight at 5:00, a warning door salesman- selling security systems. hello all customers felt what dealthought was a great until they notice the extra of theiring out accounts. yoru side. 7 on
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see what happens when we got on the case. >> new numbers show prices at the pump are finally inching down. this is great news. >> a little less pain at the pump. we do have some new numbers we just got from aaa. the national press for a gallon regular is $3.79, down 5 cents off of last week. $3.93.d.c. it is is $3.72. down 7 cents. is good for drivers in the season. also something to point out, the a barrel of oil is down to $90. t of asia.g ou experts say because of all the
5:48 am
on with the u. n, a t of talk between israel and iran, as things start to stabilize we could start to see oil goce for a barrel of more.ven down,he price of oil goes go down as well. something viewers will to. to pay close attention knows lower gas prices of drivers will be happier. >> thank you. there may not be a break in the missing -- there may be a break in the search for jimmy hoffa. a radar test confirmed something buried under the concrete. a man said he believed he saw being buried there 35 years ago. seen july of 1975
5:49 am
a michigan restaurant. >> that will be interesting to follow. the countdown is on to what is carmaggedon 2. >> the california highway patrol 10-mile stretch nation's busiest freeway. >> it is business as usual at the imaging department at st. help center and plans are put in place to make sure it way. that >> we provide all of the rays, cat scans, mri is. >> while hospital officials are best, they are preparing for the worst. have staffed up a little bit in anticipation something we wouldwrong where to st. a big emergency. -- have to treat a big
5:50 am
emergency. the were going on on the freeway, that is definitely part of our consideration. there is a possibility of a major accident with the construction. have looked at trying to staff that lives either 405 orwest side of the local so we did not have to deal with a lot of commuter issues. >> some staff members that would normally commute from the valley making his hospital room weekend.the department will be as will the other departments. a few adjustments have been made. >> patience coming in monday surgery try to have local patients so they do not the commute.with >> hospital officials are be asggedon 2 will
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as the first time. >> the first closure happened weekend in july 2011. jams neverffic materialized. closure and did 17 hours early. the make your own latte proven to be a huge success for starbucks. >> dish customers not happy channels, theymc are launching a nationwide broadband internet service. be unveiled on monday dishnet. brand name it is expected to cost between $39.99 and $69 a month. he mentioned starbucks with just unveiled eight
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brewer to compete popular keurig machines. there's cambered drinks other and coffee such as latte expressos. out aftersold initial sales exceeded expectations. all machines are on back order. they will not have trouble getting enough inventory for the upcoming holiday season. is business news. >> thank you, linda. it is 5:52. jacqui jeras has returned it. >> it is moving so quickly. by the time most people are on the road, it might be totally out of here. we could see some on the drive bookending it. it will be a lot like yesterday, was not a terrible day. here are the thunderstorms' we
5:53 am
were talking about. you can see they are moving up toward delaware. pretty much out for now. t part skies for the mos in the district. that is helping temperatures warmer, too. temperatures are 67 at reagan national. 63 degrees in cumberland it. the 60' in satellite pictures showing you showers on and off. cluster along the mason-dixon line. still alle it is the way to the south and west. chances ineep the forecast. the cold front has been stationary. it will pick up a little speed. as it gets closer, we will have of thunderstorms and again.
5:54 am
for today a mix of sunshine and thunderstorms late. 79-84 degrees. tonight a few showers possible. 59-65 degrees. but that the seven-day forecast. cooling it down over the weekend. cross your fingers we do not the think we will see the rain on sunday. i would like to connect with you on social media. find me on twitter or facebook. let's head over to traffic. >> we are following accidents starting in the district. crash just south of missouri ave. we are told for vehicles are involved in this one. northbound i-95 as he traveled through virginia at quantico. lane is blocked with a collision.
5:55 am
existing delayn already building in the area. big crash we are following is an and silver spring. we had all lanes shutdown at university boulevard and dennis ave. reopened and we a little traffic by on the west side. two utility poles were down. be prepared to run into a couple of dark intersections and some residual delays. >> thank you so much. 5:55 and 65 degrees. >>a brewery spilling
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>> public school students say the new lunch michelles supported by obama. backstudents are fighting video they have created. the new menus are aimed at fighting obesity and providing nutritious food. students say they are not enough to eat now. e freeze andlike th vegetables being offered. at one school officials say have being thrown away. is raisingon brewery
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eyebrows. even include a few. > they are developing an ale from east harvested from growmasterl.its he has not cut his beard in decades. he took a sample down and did some fermentation tests and the bier was born. born.eard beer was >> the company says the beard beer is being fine-tuned. i am hoping the most popular include samples the body. >>


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